Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Next Meeting: Cornerstone, Davenport

The Florida Fellowship has impacted my ministry more than any schooling, training, book or program.  That is why I am excited to be able to host the January Fellowship meeting on January 13th.

This is the first meeting of the year and we have a bit of a twist.  Rather than our usual meeting with preaching and music, we will be in conference mode with some topics that I think will appeal to you.

Mac Heavener, former president and CEO of ERA Realty, and current president of Trinity Baptist college in Jacksonville will share with us on the topic of leadership.
Dr. David Anderson of faith Baptist in Sarasota will bring a talk on the issue of concealed carry of weapons in the church.  Beyond just the ethics, he will give practical tips on keeping our churches secure.  Last, but not least, John Erik Moseler, a church marketing consultant will help all of us with our outreach materials and marketing.  We encourage you to bring your bulletins, tracts, and mail-outs for some helpful tips.

I hope each of you will consider taking a day to come and grow with the rest of us.