Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Next Meeting: October 10 - Orlando Baptist Church

Dear Pastor,

We are honored to host the Pastor's Fellowship Meeting here at Orlando Baptist Church on October 10, 2011. "Step Out of the Boat" will be the exciting theme for our church going into this Fall season and the New Year. We will be sharing some of the things God is doing here and what we are doing for the days ahead. I am thinking it may encourage or inspire you for your days ahead in your church

Here is what our day with you will look like. We want preaching that will encourage us in our calling as ministers, information and material that will help us to be more effective as preachers, a time of great fellowship and a desire to "Step Out of the Boat" in some area of our life and ministry.

Here's how you can help make this happen:

me to the meeting. It will not be the same without you here. Please come and fellowship with us.
2.Bring a pastor who doesn't normally or often come to the meetings. We will make him feel welcomed and enjoy the fellowship with him.
3.Bring your wives and staff. We will have a special time for the wives and a very cool time for the youth pastors.

I am thrilled with the men who will speak to us on our day together.

You will not want to miss hearing these wonderful men of God. It is my prayer we will all leave refreshed, encouraged and ready to go home and lead our people as we "Step out of the Boat" together. Please email me and let me know you are coming.

- Pastor David Janney

11:00am Pastor Jimmy Scroggins, First Baptist W. Palm Beach -
"A Passion for the Church"

12:00am Lunch and business meeting

12:30pm Ladies meeting with Donna Janney

1:00pm Dr. Don Richardson, Missionary, Prominent speaker, Author - including "Peace Child" and "Eternity in their Hearts" "A Passion for World Missions"

2:00pm U.S. Congressman Daniel Webster, Christian Statesman "A Passion for a Godly Nation"

Speaker Bios
Jimmy Scroggins is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church West Palm Beach. He has served there since July 2008. Before coming to First Baptist, Jimmy served as the Teaching Pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and Professor of Youth Ministry and Evangelism at Southern Seminary and Boyce College in Louisville. He also served as Dean of Boyce College from 2004-2008. Jimmy and his wife, Kristin, have 8 children – James 15, Daniel 13, Jeremiah 11, Isaac 10, Stephen 8, Anna Kate 6, Mary Claire 4, and Caleb, 2.

Don Richardson began his walk with the Lord at a Youth For Christ rally in 1952. Both he and his late wife, Carol Joy [Soderstrom], graduated from Prairie Bible Institute, Alberta, and completed training at Wycliffe's Summer Institute of Linguistics. Don is the father of four grown children, all serving the Lord. Following the passing of his first wife in early 2004, Don wed Carol Joyce Abraham of Bend, Oregon in July 2005. Carol's ministry includes speaking to women's groups, music solos, teaching, and hospitality. Don has written 5 best-selling books.

Since 1977 Don has served as "Minister-at-Large" for World Team. He is an ordained pastor and holds an honorary doctorate of literature from Biola University. He speaks at more than 40 missions conferences per year and has spoken in all 50 U.S. states and in 36 countries. In addition, Don is a frequent instructor in a course called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" and on various college and seminary campuses.

Daniel Webster, a family man and small-business owner, has dedicated himself to serve the citizens of Central Florida with honor and integrity. During his tenure in office, he has proven himself to be a true statesman, standing by his principles and steadily advancing conservative values. Daniel Webster has been celebrated and endorsed by nearly every respected conservative leader with whom he has worked to inspire change. He has been heralded as a responsible advocate with the ability to deliver on his promise. Webster proudly acknowledges his faith, his family, and his principles as his greatest assets. These are the same values he will rely on to guide him as our U.S. Congressman.

500 South Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32807-3198

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Next Meeting: Park St. Baptist, St. Petersburg

September 12, 2011

Pastor Jeffers , Pam and the Park Street Church Family are inviting you to attend our special FBBF meeting on September 12. We are looking forward to a great meeting here at Park Street. On Sunday, September 11th, we will be celebrating our fiftieth year as a church. On Monday we are privileged to have two speakers who at one time were on staff at Park Street. We are also privileged to have Linzy Slayden, the president of the Baptist Bible Fellowship. Bro. Slayden is also the pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Owasso Oklahoma.

10:00 a.m. - Officer's Meeting
11:00 a.m. - Randy Brown - Friendship Baptist in Ocala
11:45 a.m. - Business Meeting
12:15 a.m. - Lunch
1:00 Linzy Slayden - President of the Baptist Bible Fellowship
1:45 p.m. - Jeff Cox - Pastor of East Sunsbury Baptist Church in Beallsville Ohio

Pam will be hosting the ladies so men, be sure to bring your wives. Linda Brown, author of a new novel series and also the wife of Randy Brown will be our special guest and will speak to the ladies.

From I-275... Take the 54th Ave N. Exit and go West. Go down 5 1/2 miles and turn left onto Park Street. The church will be down 1/2 mile on the left. (Next to Walgreens)

Volume 7

"I'm a Pastor's Wife"

That little group of words has got to be at the top of my list - "words I thought I'd never say"! It humbles me to my core. Living life under this new name is teaching me lessons I wasn't expecting and I am so grateful for it. Just a few of the things God is teaching....

I can still be me!
Being real makes all the difference in the world.
It's not all about me!
Giving council keeps me on my knees.
Encouraging others to go deeper with God makes me take inventory in my life.
I am not perfect...

God doesn't expect me to be!
A smile and a hug go a long way.
Respect for my husband has grown immensely.
Praying for him is more important with each passing day.

Leading by word is easy...
Leading by action takes effort.
God is using my past to minister to others and it's beautiful.
I don't have to have all the answers, sometime I just need to stop and listen.

I pray that my heart would stay close to the Lord, that my humility would remain in tact, and that I would be sensitive to the moving of the Spirit with willing hands to serve when prompted. It is beautiful that God has brought us here and I desire to draw even nearer to Him through this new journey.
Lord, this is Your work and all that is accomplished here is to Your glory alone. I am humbled that you use me. Thank you for walking with me. I pray that my eyes would remain fixed on You, that I would not grow cold to the people around me, and that I would be found faithful to Your calling. It is only through Your strength any of that is possible. I love you!
~ ~by Tina Ebert~ ~

I Tmothy 1:12, "And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who hath enabled me for that he counted me faithful putting me into the ministry."

You Know You're A Pastor's Wife If.......
.....you are rarely referred to by your given name.
.....you wish you had a dime for every time someone claims your hasband said something he never said.
.....you have shaken more hands than a politian.
.....you have sincerely prayed for someone's pet.
.....you are expected to play the piano and sing - your spiritual gifts!!
.....you are expected to know the name, address, phone number and birth date of every member.
.....your new outfit is the talk of the week.
.....people come to you to offer "constructive criticism" of the pastor.
.....people look at you when the pastor starts a story about the family.
.....you can't slip into church late and go unnoticed.
.....you have to taste every casserole at the pitch-in dinner.
.....you are consistently the last one out of the building.
.....people think your husband only works 3 hours a week.
.....you worry because it's 10 pm and your husband is not back from the deacon's meeting.