Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Next Meeting:  Nov. 9th, 2015 - Harbor Baptist, Ormond Beach

Speakers will include:
Evangelist Tracy Dartt  (Author of " God On The Mountain")
Evangelist Rudy Holland  (PRH Ministries)
Associate Pastor Mike Petrick  (Harbor Baptist)

Theme "Lessons Learned Through Adversity"
 Special Music by the Dartts!
The meeting begins promptly at 11 a.m.
Please come and be a blessing, and expect a Blessing! 
Enjoy a fabulous Lunch about Noon!
Wrapping things up about 2:30!
Harbor Baptist Church
428 Tomoka Ave.
Ormond Beach, Florida  32174
Phone: 386-677-3116
New Editor of the Tribune
 by Dan Jeffers

If you not take the Baptist Bible Tribune let me encourage you go to the National BBF website and check it out.  It is not only a printed magazine but it is also  on the web.  Our Editor just retired and new one is coming on the scene.  His name is Randy Harp.  His hope is to make the Tribune more than just a periodical.  His goal is to not only keep us connected as a Fellowship but to also "establish a team of leaders to assist churches and pastors in three specific areas - consulting, conferences and coaching."  To read more about his vision go to  

God Is Blessing... What if He Blesses Even More?
Beyond the idea of Fellowship as a verb... our fellowship exists to promote Church planting throughout the state of Florida.  At present, we are supporting two church planters that have been working with us for the past two or three years and basically all of the support we receive from Churches is funneled to these two works.
In 2015 we have been blessed with seeing two NEW Church plants - one in Lake Asbury and the latest in Winter Garden.  Both of these works desire our help and support, but we are simply not able to do so on a monthly basis.
What if God blessed us with even more Church planters?  Last month we heard about one family who plan to begin in 2016 and God may have even more headed our way.
And beyond these blessings, then we have the growing need for even more churches!
I believe it is time for all who support the church planting efforts of the Florida Baptist Bible Fellowship to come together for a special 2- day time of prayer, discussion and vision casting for the future.
At our business meeting on November 9th in Ormond Beach, I would like us to come prepared to discuss options for such a meeting in January of 2016.  Please come with ideas for hotels, retreat centers or other options where we could meet for a special time to project ahead to increased Church Planting efforts in our state.
Russell Johnson

As many of you have heard, Pastor Mark Hodges had a fall from a ladder on Monday night.  He had several injuries but has made significant progress in the last 48 hours.  Below is the latest update from the church's Facebook page.

Update on Pastor Hodges...

Thank you for your prayers. Pastor is feeling better today. He is not in as much pain now that they started letting him sit up this morning. The doctors say they are not going to use a brace for his back. They feel that the two discs will heal on their own as Pastor is careful about what he does. His wrist broke in two places and the doctors say there is no way to operate on those places as the bones are two small and crushed. They will put a cast on his arm and let it heal on its own. Tonight they are going to continue monitoring his blood pressure and the slight tear in his abdominal aorta before hopefully sending him home tomorrow morning. Please keep praying for Pastor's healing and recovery.