Thursday, August 9, 2018

Next Meeting: August 13th - Crossroads Baptist - St. Cloud FL

It is our honor to host the August 13th meeting of the FBBF at Crossroads Baptist Church in St. Cloud. We are finalizing the details on an exciting meeting and hope each of you will plan on joining us. Our speakers include Dr. Charles J. Brown, former Indiana Pastor and current Staff Evangelist at Winter Haven Baptist Church, & Missionary Ryan Jones, Associate Director for Asia with Manna Worldwide. In addition to the speakers and normal business we will have an open discussion time concerning outreach, what is and is not working in today's culture.
This is my first time hosting a meeting, don't let me down 
Jay McCaig.
Church address: 3797 Edsel Ave, St. Cloud, FL 34772 (if you think you are lost, you're almost here)
Officers meeting at 10am and the general meeting will start at 11am, with lunch at noon and we should be done around 2:30.

Guest Post: Pastor Dan Jeffers - Park Street Baptist Church

This past week our kids went to youth camp.  We had four saved from our group.  60 overall.  Of course the kids came back pumped.  I wish we could have a camp atmosphere every Sunday.  We have been going through the book of Revelation but Sunday a message on the 7 bowl judgments and the great harlot just didn't seem appropriate.  So I deviated from that and pulled up I Cor 10:31.  Here is the basics of the message:  

 First Corinthians 10:31  “Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”  I find this to be a powerful verse.  The context of the verse was more than about eating a meal but it had everything to do with becoming a stumbling block to a weaker Christian by eating meat that had been offered to Idols.  There were some who had come out of idolatry who would be offended if a fellow believer did so.  So Paul addresses the issue and boils everything down to one thing that should determine everything we do and that is “honor and glorify God.” It is the filter that everything should through.   Does what I am about to say glorify God?  Is what I am about to watch going to glorify God?  When I come to church I come to give God glory.  It is not about me but all about Him.  4 things that glorify God:  Salvation  Psa 21:5       service  Mat 5:16    Sacrifice  Phil 4:19  (context of passage is an offering given for Paul's ministy)  Sickness  John 11:4  

If any of you guys have a good outline or message please post it on our Facebook.  If I steal it I will give you credit.